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Do you have pigeons nesting in your building?

If you have a bird infestation in your building it could cause damage to your business not only visually but also in terms of health and in extreme cases loss of custom. Don't let these feathered pests get in the way of your business, get in contact with B.T Environmental Ltd today.

Your property will be surveyed by one of our experienced team members to assess the extent of the problem and decide on the appropriate action.

Bird spikes used are uva treated with stainless steel spikes cut flat to prevent harm to target species.

Netting is available for overall protection of the building or a particular area when infestations are heavy, various colours and sizes are used for different species and to help with the aesthetics.

  • Sprung wire systems can be used for window ledges and outer edges against pigeons and gulls.
  • Trapping, where infestations are heavy and constant.
  • Shooting for feral pigeons only where proofing can not be achieved and budgets do not allow proofing.

The complete clear out and clean up service:

When there are pests, unfortunately there is mess, especially when it comes down to bird infestations. Bird fouling can cause slip and trip hazards to staff, customers and the general public which in turn could lead to loss of goodwill, contamination and loss of product and even litigation.

To give you a complete service we also take care of the clean up operation after the main problem has been resolved to leave you free to get on with your business.

Bird fouling contains up to 50 diseases and to treat and clean this hazard we use biocide's to help kill paracitic life forms and micro organisms, preventing the risk of infection and spread of disease.

To give your building the full finished look, we also carry out a comprehensive commercial cleaning service, from the car park to pathways.

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